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The Tech Chef

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WordPress Wizardry

Get your business or non-profit a modern, responsive website on the WordPress platform. WordPress is the leading website and blogging platform, all wrapped into one, and allows for lots of flexibility. Let me build a new site for you.

Content Creativity

Content is king in the world of the modern web. You may already have a website or blog, but need help making the most of its content potential, or you may need help sharing your content across multiple channels. I can give your content the boost it needs.

Social Success

Social media is everywhere, but keeping up can be tough. You have enough on your plate managing the day-to-day tasks of your business. I can manage your multiple social channels for you, and help you communicate.

Arwen McGilvra

About Me

I began using a computer when I was very young. Then starting in middle school I was introduced to BBS’s (Bulletin Board Systems) which is how people connected to the net at the time. Using our 2400 baud modem I would dial in to an all ASCII (text only) service and leave messages, do research and play games. After graduating high school I went to work for AOL, then the largest internet service provider on the planet. On the side I began creating websites either using raw html or services like Angle Fire and Geo Cities.

While continuing my education and working in various other fields I continued to make websites as a side hobby, teaching myself the “new” coding language CSS to help in their development. In 2010 I began pursuing clients for a part time freelance business. By 2012 I was working full time doing web development and content management.

Client Testimonials

Bradley Burck
Burck Communications

“If you want your social media to be world-class or you’re looking to significantly grow the traffic to your website, go with Arwen McGilvra! She will come alongside you, work with you, capture your heart and message, and get it out there to the right audience for you. I highly recommend her. We’ve been thrilled to connect her with our nonprofit clients since 2009.”

Ken Walker
Freelance writer & editor

“Without Arwen’s expert graphic design and technical skills, trying to keep up with my web site, Facebook feeds, and Twitter account would be a thankless challenge. I especially appreciate the creative touch she adds to the blogs I write for my web site. If you need someone to manage such tasks, I highly recommend The Tech Chef.”

Chris Wilson
Former American Agri-Women President

“Arwen is the brains behind the Facebook page for American Agri-Women. She continually thinks of new ideas and brings new information to our page and keeps it growing and interesting for members. Her ideas have gotten hundreds of women involved through this page. She has taken it way beyond what I imagined!”

Paula Shadrach
Mike Silva International

“I am writing to recommend Arwen McGilvra. Arwen is reliable, dedicated and hardworking. She worked with Mike Silva International on our website, Facebook and Twitter accounts. She is extremely knowledgeable with working with these types of media sources and does an incredible job. I am impressed with her communication skills and professional demeanor.”

Rob Nelke
Serve INC

“Arwen did a fantastic job for us. She is professional, prompt, resourceful, and someone who delivers. She did a great job promoting our event via the internet and social networking. Her expertise and creativity greatly contributed to the success of our event. Arwen would be my first choice for any future internet or social networking promotion.”

Don David
Serve INC Promotions

“Are you interested in working with a creative and reliable developer who can build interesting yet easy to navigate websites, write factual and engaging copy, edit photos for a variety of media, bring creative ideas to the table, listen and follow directions, corroborate with the team and take charge of a project, and meet deadlines? That is my experience with Arwen for the past nine years. She will be an asset to your organization or business.”

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